~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

Thank you for visiting my blog, here you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house into a warm, comfortable, cozy and updated home. We are newly married 20 somethings enjoying life and livin it to it's fullest! Now we are on to lifes next adventure and having our first baby! Please follow us as we go through life transforming, creating and learning to be parents!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Potted Garden

Our first summer in our home, I told Ryan I wanted to have a nice big garden full of tomatoes and green peppers.  He really took what I said to heart, and one day I came home from shopping with my mom to a back yard garden...literally.  We have a quaint yard to begin with, but after he built the garden we had much less than a small yard, I couldn't believe it.  I didn't even know what to say, I didn't want to tell him it was too big because I had told him I wanted a big garden, so I said "oh my goodness, I love it!"  and for that summer we had enough tomatoes to feed the neighborhood.
 Well each summer since then our garden had gotten smaller and smaller.  This year I decided to try something a little different...a potted garden.  We really only eat tomatoes and green peppers and like to cook with basil and cilantro, so I really didn't see the need for a big garden taking up space in our yard. 
We had some extra fence boards from our fence project last summer so we used those to make the garden boxes.

I thought about staining them, but I know by next year if I leave them natural they will get a rustic look.
Here are the little green peppers when I first planted them.  I was nervous that each plant wouldn't have enough room, but they seem to be growing great.

This is what the garden started out looking like, but I move some things around....

Here is what it looks like now.  Don't mind the two toned deck, we just added on last week and we still need to paint it all:)

Ryan made a bigger box for the tomatos because I think they will need more room to grow.



  1. It all looks so lovely! We only have a tiny apartment porch, but my husband and I have been toying with the idea of potting a tomato and pepper. This gives me hope that it could work.

    Also, your basil looks lovely!

  2. Thank you so much Kristina! I really think it is going to work, everything has grown so much since I posted this:) Good Luck!


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