~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

Thank you for visiting my blog, here you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house into a warm, comfortable, cozy and updated home. We are newly married 20 somethings enjoying life and livin it to it's fullest! Now we are on to lifes next adventure and having our first baby! Please follow us as we go through life transforming, creating and learning to be parents!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time Does Truly Fly By....

Dear Paxon,
I can't believe your Daddy and I just took your 2 month pictures! Time went by fast before, but now with you I find myself actually trying to hold onto the minutes.  You really are a sweet baby, you have this laid back personality that I am in love with.  You stretch all of the time and when you do you look like an old man, it melts my heart.  You cry when your hungry, need your diaper changed or want your passy and when you do cry you start with your bottom lip which again melts my heart!  You are now two months old.  You are working really hard to hold your head up.  While you do that you kick your legs, I know you are going to be rolling over before we know it.  You love when Daddy comes home and know his voice very well.  He likes to hold you like a football and walk around the house, it's very cute.  I love my boys and I am so happy to be your mom, you already have changed me for the better.   I love you with all my heart bubby!

Love, Mommy