~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

Thank you for visiting my blog, here you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house into a warm, comfortable, cozy and updated home. We are newly married 20 somethings enjoying life and livin it to it's fullest! Now we are on to lifes next adventure and having our first baby! Please follow us as we go through life transforming, creating and learning to be parents!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Little Man's Nursery

When we started converting the office into a nursary we still wernt sure if we were having a boy or a girl.  I knew i wanted to stay nutrual with the wall color and then just accent with either bright blue or violet. 

 Here is the Peanut's closet.  Ryan put up the organizers which made a huge difference in the amount of storage we have now. 

 Here is the built in book shelve Ryan just built for our reading nook we are creating in the room.  It will be solid white soon.

We were super excited a few weeks ago, I got a call from Ryan asking me to guess where he was on his way to, I had no idea.  So when he told me Buy Buy Baby, I was really confused because after registering there for 4 HOURS I was sure I would never be able to get him in that store again!  Well it turns out all the nursary furniture came! They told us 12-18 weeks because it was a new model, so we were planning on not having it until January.  Well it was all put together that night and I am in love with it. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

As the weeks go by....

 Here I am at 19 weeks. Finally started to feel better!! At this point we had no idea if we were having a boy or girl. (the baby picture is of my husband, my Mother In-Law gave it to us when we told her we were expecting)
 Here is 21 weeks.  Finally found out we are having a boy!!
We are taking pictures every other week, this way it's easier to see the growth. We decided to take the pictures in the little man's closet to show how much stuff we are accumulating throughout the weeks for him.
Here I am at 23 weeks and am now feeling him kick all of the time!  Ryan finally got to feel him moving around at the end of the 23rd week.  I think we can pin that as my favorite part so far!  I feel great, except for not being able to put my boots on without sitting down anymore:)
Our first shower invites went out this week, I am so excited!