~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

Thank you for visiting my blog, here you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house into a warm, comfortable, cozy and updated home. We are newly married 20 somethings enjoying life and livin it to it's fullest! Now we are on to lifes next adventure and having our first baby! Please follow us as we go through life transforming, creating and learning to be parents!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changing up the seating

I could honestly kick myself for all of the times I didn't take before pictures! I am getting better, but it sure would have been nice to be able to show you our kitchen table before the Schraders got a hold of it. Well, this Schrader anyway. It was Ryan's college table, oh if tables could talk:) Anyway it was a light maple and very plain Jane, I gave it a quick frosting of espresso paint on the top and good ol' white coat for the base.
Not too bad for free, and really those chairs did the job for the last 3 years.  Which brings me to my sad sad story...
I was thriftin a few weeks ago and found 6 great chairs for $6 a piece!!!!! So why didn't I pay for them and load um up?  Well I got talked out of them by my loving husband.  You see sometimes he just doesn't see the potential in things, or maybe he just didn't feel like spray painting 6 chairs.  I don't know but again, there I was 3 days later kicking myself  at that same thrift store because they were GONE!  Tear:(

Well I got over it and began my search again.....
I found these last weekend, and I'm not sure if I was just desperate or what, but I picked them up for $24 total! That included 4 chairs and a table.  I left the table for someone else to re-do, and loaded up the chairs with help from my mom (who is the whole reason I am into resale shopping and being thrifty by the way)

Ryan laughed at me as I was unloading these babies from my car.  They were kinda gross.
We got started right away, I had some fabric from some DIY kitchen curtins I made this summer, it just so happens if was just enough to re-cover the seats.  I had to run to Hobby Lobby to get some new padding (you never know what road those chairs have traveled if you know what I'm saying)

Here is the end result, I feel the chairs gave the lovely old table a little face lift, what do you think?
Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. I love those chairs! They look much more modern than the country-style chairs that you had before. Great redo :)

  2. What a wonderful job. The table certainly does get that boost from the new chairs. Very good pick.

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! Like you I love to find trash and turn them into treasures! For myself and others.

  4. It made such a diff in the look of your table & looks great! good job!


  5. Looks like you found the perfect chairs for your table! YEA! :-)

  6. I have almost the same chairs and my table has 4 legs instead of a pedestal. I was telling hubby what a great job you did and I got the proverbial...humph...so I guess I'm not doing anything....lol...They look great.

  7. Yes indeed, it gave the table a whole new look,
    more modern. Very nice, and good for you!!
    Good purchase, and nice you already had the fabric and were able to get her done quickly.
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. I'll tell what I think...I think that Ryan just needs to load the car the next time that you see the makings of a great project. You've got a great eye, and you did a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing your charming project. Cherry Kay

  9. Oooh thanks for leaving a comment on my chair...that's so funny they're the SAME! Except I only have one :) Yours look wonderful!!

  10. Your chairs look great!! I don't know why hubbies try to talk us out of buying our junk......there is always a diamond in the rough........they just can't see it!!

  11. Great job!! I love the fabric you've chosen too!! :) Thanks for linking it up at Sassy Sites for our Trash to Treasure Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!



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