~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

~Crafty Hearts, Warm Home and Little Toes~

Thank you for visiting my blog, here you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house into a warm, comfortable, cozy and updated home. We are newly married 20 somethings enjoying life and livin it to it's fullest! Now we are on to lifes next adventure and having our first baby! Please follow us as we go through life transforming, creating and learning to be parents!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yep, coffee my inspiration.  Maybe it's the smell, or the comfort of holding a warm cup...actually I know what it is!  It's the color!!!!  I love the different shades of browns you can get depending on how much cinnamon (that's my favorite flavor) cream you put in your cup.  I have used coffee for my inspiration in almost our whole home.  It started with the paint colors and moved on to part of our theme in our kitchen.  Let me stress that it is so important to have little touches of a theme, not in your face themes!
I know I love coffee not just for the warm relaxing feeling that comes from it, but also because you can put any color along with it and it looks fabulous!  Here are some things I have used "coffee" for in my kitchen. 

This was just a piece of wood, that I took a wood burner to and carved in the word CAFE, I then white washed it and went over the letters with a paper towel and some silver acrylic paint.  So easy and inexpensive, you could do this with any word (Love, Family, Your last name, etc.)


This was actually just a old piece of wood, that I white washed and added some "coffee/tea" themed hooks!  Walla!

Found this at HomeGoods, yep one of my favorite stores!! It was only 10 bucks and looks so cute above my kitchen pantry:)

Sorry for the odd view.  We did the whole cafe theme in our kitchen, so when I came across these at Hobby Lobby, I was in love.

The iron tea pot and cup came from the flea market, at first I just wanted the tea pot, but the seller talked me into the cut too for only 1 dollar more.  I'm glad he did, because where I have it is wasted space and looks perfect there.

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